And its influence

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And its influence Influences of the teacher on destruction of psychological selfimage of the girl it appeared extreme.

And its influence on other children who have turned under its management into small torturers, simply terrifies.

However loving parents too can show huge influence, sufficient radically to change a situation.

Now Suzy studies in the senior classes, already nobody considers it timid.

And all forgot long ago that once Suzy ranked as mentally retarded children.

GOLDEN RULEBesides all other ways to lower selfimage of the child that inevitably conducts to pathological shyness, there is one more timid teachers or parents who consider can make the child that children always should be quiet, lacking initiative and passive.

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POINT OF VIEWHoweHowePurposesThis

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POINT OF VIEWHoweHowePurposesThis When you under conduct short results in the presence of all, it is not necessary to expect fromparticipants of the same openness which is shown in pairs.

It is important, that partners had possibility to leave for obsuzhdethe niya on walk as movement stimulates and gives neobhodimy feeling of freedom.

POINT OF VIEWHoweHowePurposesThis exercise allows teenagers visually prode the position concerning the ambiguoussubjects to protect this position in practice or modifitsiro it in case of need.

At the same time teenagerswill see that for the majority of problems and vital decisionsthe whole palette of various hypotheses, ways resheis fairniya and admissions so it is necessary to abstain from odnoznachny definitions of type fairly or falsely.

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That is a brain

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That is a brainIt is a pity to disappoint you, but it not so.

The brain itself does not think.

The person by means of a brain thinks.

That is a brain it only body by means of which the thought is created.

It is the instrument of thinking.

Analogy sees not an eye we see it by means of an eye.

An eye too the instrument of reflection of light.

And the thought arises not in the tool, and in that place where the tool concerns and cooperates with a subject which process or reflect.

Means on knowledge and ignorance border.

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The girl

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The girl That without noticin boys sat down on the region of its drawing.

She tried to pull out a leaf from under them, long puffed, yet did not break off drawing in two.

Tears on her cheeks, and boys so anything and without having noticed, quietly left somewhere on the affairs.

The teacher, having seen, as the girl tore the drawin fell upon it with reproaches in negligence and irresponsibility.

The girl continued to cry.

Meanwhile her neighbor behind whisperedOoze the crybaby! For Ooze it there was rather awful day at school.

One of those days which, certainly, will repeat with small variations from year to year, after all it nobody taught to defend the rights, to express feelings or to be indignant concerning injustice of life.

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About love it is necessary

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About love it is necessary About love it is necessary to ask, it is similar to a ghost will not start talkin while you will not start talking to it.

All love of the world thirsts to speak, but only she does not dare to do it because it is timid! It is timid! It is timid! And in it the world tragedy.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVEBe in earnest about words of psychologists which consider that if you are dissatisfied with behavior of the child, to you it is obligatory it is necessary to inform to it that you are revolted not by him, and any concrete act.

In other words, your children should know that them love and that your love does not depend on anythin it is constant and invariable, i.

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From those

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From those The natural temperament thus renews a proportion of juice harmony of soul and a body.

From those times Hippocrates's doctrine about temperaments gained the greatest popularity, and then turned into classification of human types on a somatic basis.

Thereof nataky temperaments started to divide people , phlegmatic person, choleric person, melancholiac.

Hippocrates Gallen's pupil developed the doctrine about temperaments a dynamic characteristics of activity of the person further and came to a conclusion they be thirteen, from which one normal, that is harmonious, and other twelve with some deviations from natural norm, disharmonious.

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