Clip tutor

Clip tutor It is possible to deepen more and more.


Ulyanov I would like to show and discussion, kotoswarm took place after visit.

clip tutor Whether yours changed in something predstavlescientific research institutes about police work after we there visited– Now it seems to me, as in the corrected society there should be a police.

tutor Why– If something happens, someone should take measures.

– But if the world is corrected, why should that that bad to happen Teenagers want changes– The police not only arrests criminals, but also does other things therefore it will be necessary.

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But to recede

But to recede It seemed, I exchanged everything that at me was, on illusory dream.

But to recede to me it would not be desirable.

I wandered across Paris, doing sketches and composing verses.

From the offer to work as model at Christian Dior I refused.

Despite communications in the French magazine Vo I only occasionally earned additionally model and disagreed for permanent job.

Nevertheless, in this another's country was cozier, than in native New York.

I felt that I stand on the right track, but still did not understand, that I look for.

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Priority activity

Priority activity At the center we set as education of future generations on purpose to help them to cope successfully largescale climatic, ekonomichesky and geopolitical changes.

Our ideas and materials religions are available to all, regardless of age, sex, on lytic belief or cultural traditions and outlook.

Priority activity is development and practical realization of principles global and integrated about razovaniye.

Ari Research Institute ARI carries out the programs and without restrictions provides the knowledge base by means of the available multimedia channels to the whole world.

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And. I several

And. I severalmethods and results discussionsInterlocutors Anatoly Ulyanov and Irina Yakovichand.

Ulyanov Today we will talk how it is necessary time to use to say with the child, we will discuss those methods and means, which are already put into practice.


I several times heard, how you spoke about importance of discussions in groups of children.

It seems to me, you at give it special value.

m Certainly, after all in such discussions at the child there is a possibility to present on a place of others people and to learn to understand itself.

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In summary

In summaryAt you is for discussion of minutes.

In summary all groups will tell about the answers onquestions.

Summarizing Whether this exercise was pleasant to me Whether I learned something new about myself As far as I am ready to treat shortcomings tolerantlypeople around As far as I am inclined to use another's shortcomingsfor a justification of own problems Whether my present working environment mopromotesto it to further development As far as I am inclined to suffer passively neblagopriyataching an environment That I can make for fight with own nedostatka That I can make for further development of mine to stoinstvo What I have reasons, howto promote further development of the positivequalities of my colleagues What would I like to tell Comment.

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Therefore Timid people start to compare themselves to these people and comparisons, naturally, not in their advantage, including talents of people around the testimony of own inferiority.

Instead of to look at life not as on a series of tests, carrying out which, you compete with all people around you people and as on something like early preparation at athletes in the course of which you take out for yourselves something useful of each meeting and enrich the inner world.

Therefore you want to be with people to whom is what to offer you, after all subsequently at you will appear what to offer another.

You will come to this conclusion if will cease to divide itself and them as good and bad, and will start to perceive communication with such people as possibility to learn something new.

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  • Besides, that now it is simply fashionable to go with tooth plates, it somewhat teaches children of responsibility for the solution of own problems.When treatment is ended and plates at last are removed, the greatness.If your teeth is similar to a Japanese fan and they would be envied by count Dracula does not mean at all that you should be reconciled with it till the end of your life.Yes, it is rather expensive, but emotional health of your child is really invaluable.HYGIENEInstead of sticking to the child concerning not made beds, stick to it in more serious occasion better insist, that it observed personal hygiene, daily took a shower, regularly washed the head and went in clean clothes.
  • And activity It already then and anyhow.Also that as a resultThe pupil was pumped up by knowledge, the training material pressed on reason and mind which at children and teenagers did not ripen yet.And they, being protected from overfatigue, were compelled to go in the area of the smallest resistance to use memory.If something you do not understand, it is better to jag it, it is simple to embody in yourself to provide a positive assessment and carefree life.The logic of a priority of consciousness in training as though became dominating a word one person transfers the thoughts to another.Dialogues, discussions, debates, lessons it words, words, words.
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