Perhaps, you decide

Perhaps, you decide Besides, it would be quite good to agree in advance with the tutor about how to arrive, if the child cries, cling to mother and to ask, that it did not leave.

Perhaps, you decide to take away as early as possible for a start the child from a garden that he gradually got used to a new situation Or will not go on any compromises and will provide to the tutor to make the decisionEvery evening within the first week prepare for the child any small pleasures.

All its first drawings and handmade articles place in the most visible and available places for example, drawings can be attached by means of magnets to the refrigerator.

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Mother finds

Mother findsIn a family of a fourteenyear Set there is a rule if you eat not in kitchen or in a dining room, should carry itself the plate and the food remains in a sink.

The set likes to eat at itself in a room, doing homework, but often he forgets to carry the remains on kitchen.

Mother finds them weeks when everything already became rotten later and became covered by a mold.

Reminders help for some time, but it is necessary for mother of the Set, that this rule was observed strictly.

Therefore they together with the Set decided to hang up the chart on which it would be noted when it carried away food from kitchen.

If on the chart where there is a mark about return of the remains, there is an admission, mother knows that the Set needs to be reminded of it while the dish did not become inedible.

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The huge

The huge They often visit to each other and do business, and behind the back release jokes, but among themselves they never were at enmity.

The huge role in our tragedy was played with that we lost feeling of rights of a human look.

We it is obedient we take down not only boredom, but also a set of other attempts on our and so deformed after sufferings in infancy and the childhood a continuum.

For example, we speak It is cruel to keep such big animal in the city apartment thus meaning a do and never the person who is even more on the size and is more sensitive to a situation surrounding it.

We dare to live in neverending noise of cars, transport and tape recorders of other people and we expect that strangers will treat us roughly and inconsiderately.

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Look for the tiny

Look for the tiny Have always with itself the favourite book, which child with pleasure thumbs through.

It can be useful, when you nakho in shop, in the car, in turn when you speak on to phone.

Look for the tiny book which places in a pocket, and it will help out you in many situations.

Books often help to prevent anger.

If you chuvstvuyethose approach of fit of anger, take the favourite book and try to have a talk with the child it can distract ma.

It is important not to find out the anger reasons in hottest mocop.

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Other case

Other caseProbably, his mother, having seen a cut, told only Go to Chi and Kananasi made all the rest.

Other case helped me to understand a lot of things, though occurred many months later after I got used to the quiet and easy relation to treatment.

Awadhu, the second son Anchu, the boy about nine years, came to me to a hut with a wound in a stomach.

At survey it appeared that the wound superficial and not so dangerous, but at the first look I was frightened that, possibly, an internal is strongly damaged.

Nekhkukhmukhdukh What is it I asked.

Shimada Arrow politely answered it.

Yours I asked.

To Katavekh he called a name of the ten years' brother, thus showing no more emotions than if he spoke about a flower.

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Cha hundred

Cha hundred In this case it is useful to suggest not to worry, even if he not understood everythin having promised later to explain each compound word.

Cha hundred appears that explanations are not necessary, the sense is clear and so.

The question of regression acts in film.


Low level of attention.

Sometimes returnable reading is caused by impossibility to concentrate.

Learn, whether disturbs something the child during readin preventing to concentrate dollny image.

Calm the young reader, encourage him.

Offer exercises but concentration of attention.

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