Even when outwardly

Even when outwardlyIn the presence of the child it is necessary to behave so, as though it was big and everything understood.

Child never loses track of the parents it stoyanno watches them and the it is more younger, the stalny supervision.

Any your gesture, uniform the word will not escape it as sounds on a magnetic tape of the cartridge, so all in his small brain.

even when outwardly it looks shipped in other cares.

those also that it at all will unessentially tell ny about that understood, but sooner or later and at times many years later will make the observations, the tory will show, as far as he understood everything.

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After all to own a subject, with

After all to own a subject, with But the child among people, in society.

He understands a word which for it something means, concerns a certain material subject.

Psychologically each word an essence and a slice of the territory which it seized.

But the word not only in detail, it is inseparable from action.

After all to own a subject, with it it is necessary to do something.

The word anticipates action as a radar, and it calls process, stating an assessment becomes the guide to action.

However, all words meanwhile to the kid come from the outside make that, do not do it, look, bring.

But it while suits the child.

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But our adolescent

But our adolescent He has a callousness.

Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONTHE ADOLESCENT AESTHETE THE SENTIMENTAL PERSONCollaboration of thinkin feelings and imagination criticality of soul can draw the exact plan of productive action only.

But our adolescent has a restriction absence .

It somewhere at fatigue level, but it it is impossible to call a condition somehow, it on norm and pathology border.

It also limits harmony of his soul.

At it esthetic senses dominate.

Therefore he aspires to find forces which return in an optimum condition.

Here certain calculations are necessary to define a measure of loading which would renew overall performance of mechanisms of expenditure, renewal and energy accumulation.

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Watch that questions

Watch that questions Watch that questions it is interviewed were directed on understanding of consequences of a choicealso did not contain any indirect assessment.

Working leafThe head of state on lazinessIF you were head of state, on what you would allocate morein total means Assistance to development of the poor countriesQ Defense of the state Improvement of an urban environment agriculture Support Development of national educationDevelopment of a transport networkJ Protection surrounding j industry Support Development of space researches Fight against poverty within the countryThink, please, as you establish the priorities, andarrange measures offered by you in certain consecutive, having given to each of them serial number.

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The child remains

The child remainsThe conclusion is that if throughout all life to rely on feeling of a continuum, it will better take care of our interests, than any system based on intelligence.

SEVENTH HOW to FORCE the CONTINUITY PRINCIPLE AGAIN to WORK When the child is in continuous physical contact to mother, its power field merges with her field, and in operating time it removes excess of energy of both fields.

The child remains weakened; in it tension for excess of energy flows to mother does not collect.

Behavior of children on hands at adults not so probably on behavior of our children which carry out the most part of time out of contact to other people.

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Our recommendations

Our recommendations Each of parents should define for itself that it is capable to give to the child and as and attention he can give many forces to it.

It is necessary incomplete families especially difficult it is necessary to combine work with the solution of family problems somehow.

million American children live now in incomplete families.

Our recommendations will bring them the greatest advantage.

About the fifth part of all children aged till eighteen years on the earth today live with one of parents.

As to black children, in incomplete families there lives a half of them.

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