Read the words

Read the words You, probably, noticed that the step is lower, the word is longer.

With each step in words becomes more exactly on one letter.

Think up words which begin on R.

Zapishi's letter them on steps of the second short flight of stairs.

The first, the most top, should be trigram.

Each following word should be longer than the previous on one letter.

Read the words located on first and on the second short flight of stairs, find and emphasize letters.

Read all words once again correctly and quickly.

Estimate the work.

Draw mood.

Occupation Dopisyvaniyes of the terminationsBefore you phrases in which there are words with the passed terminations.

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Then there

Then there At once I start something to tell it the fairy tale any, she very much loves fairy tales.

And I begin a usual voice, and then I tell everything more silent and more silently, so, it was necessary to listen.

Then there is no time to argue to the fairy talemokhochetsya to listen.

To awaken curiosity.

Curiosity such strong line in the person that on it are bought both children are more younger, and children are more senior, and adults.

We with Mischa long walked in park, he was absolutely tired and wanted to eat.

And here by a row were on sale .

He began to ask, and I with meat never buy, dangerously after all.

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The child

The child At last, work with the child prodigy reasonable, quiet, slow so them will enrich, will teach them to see truly children that they begin capable to learn child prodigies without the help a case, to notice them among crowd, between those whom considered such, as all.

And to recognize them it is necessary.

Because the child prodigy is norm, and this norm has other name talent.

And the talent does not suffer an environment and haste.

The child prodigy should develop itself.

After all till that minute when it opened, the child prodigy developed itself.

And not bad it turned out!So, individual approach, care and patience, patience, patience.

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But these

But these Robert's mother in reply to his complaints simply laughs, kisses it and speaks What trifles! To whom before what business I promise that when you will go to school, I will teach you to fasten laces.

But these admonitions do not help Robert, as in the same way as it is sure that his name is Robert, it is sure and that never will take such confused boy in school.

The feeling of own humiliation remains with the child still for a long time after the humiliation was endured.

And the child never will receive satisfactions from the achievement which reason is the desire to avoid a shame and humiliation of which it was not possible to get rid to Robert.

Allocating Robert among other children and the criticism drawing to it general attention, the teacher provoked at that development of shyness which will pursue it throughout training at elementary school.

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You understood. Till

You understood. TillAnd takdaly.

You understood.

Till years the childhood, to adolescence age of denials, youth.

So, the wise man knew not all.

As you can see, the childhood, for example, on the most rough scale is revolutions which are endured by the child, gaining new qualities.

And what such golden ratio notchesThey can be comparable with dams on a course of life.

These dams expect each of us.

Means, first of all it is necessary to overcome everyone, and then patiently to lift and lift the level of development while one fine day the next dam will not collapse, opening a way to a free current of the following.

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She is born. Just

She is born. Just And even the address will call somewhere here, in a breast, in heart.

After all all know, how the soul hurts.

Unfortunately, again by.

But, for example, conscience one of a huge set of moral feelings in itself does not exist.

She is born.

Just as the belief, hope and love is born.

Each time is born, when we cooperate with other person, with group of people, with society.

It result and a product of this interaction.

Assessment of this interaction.

So when the soul hurts When we realize that harmed, pain, sufferings to other person, group of people, society or the nature.

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