For it works

For it works Our viewer takes the part of the one whom at first did not notice and together with it operates.

For it works .

Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONThe understanding of essence tragic, that conducts to death of life, pulls out an imitator from networks disharmonious, incompatible with facts of life and expedient activity of people.

It forces to turn the endured feelings scale of various feelings into thoughts a regulator of own actions and behavior.

To take one more step to itself real to reflect, mind to get at essence of the endured and to estimate.

Internal tension, sufferin fear, horror negative feelings almost entirely burn and the viewer appears without operative neither live, nor dead.

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Prepare the corresponding

Prepare the correspondingAnd now I suggest everyone to state five in turnmain objectives that we could define, what purposes to youit are represented to all by the most important, what of them vstre more often.

Prepare the corresponding list.

Now I want to tell to you about what purposes I considerthe major for itself personally.

Whether there is among you somebody, whose assumptions of minethe purposes appeared trueIn summary discuss rolling out, how both hundred Rhone can present itself performance of wishes anotherparties.

Summarizing Whether this exercise was pleasant to me What five purposes sounded more often In what degree of the purpose of a class are comparable to the purposesteachers How precisely I could experience the purposes of the teacher,respectively and other pupils What practical steps can undertake the teacher andpupils that all of them could reach the purposes What would I like to tellComment.

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The humour

The humour Force of stereotypes is insuperable.

The humour of pupils causes return humour in the teacher a smile over itself.

Dignity of the teacher that her laughter will not destroy neither semantic game, nor game of feelings on which it builds communication.

A smile fun laughter catalysts which increase , and a key to development of the mechanism of talent.

On this formula our teacher also works opens potential in the pupil.

The sense of humour is unfortunately inherent not in all many people are deprived it absolutely no, not by nature, and from education or feel it not always at once.

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Nose! And we are sanochka. let's go. We on the street. with

Nose! And we are sanochka. let's go. We on the street. with Connect lines to suitable words pencil lines.

You, frost, frost.

home,Do not show the.

frost,Leave rather.

let's take,Icy cold withdraw.

nose!And we are sanochka.

let's go.

We on the street.

with itself,Let's check, whether you made everything correctly.

Read the turnedout poem.

Draw the mood.

The note for parentsThe last task is directed on development of the informative party of reading.

Occupation Reading a verbal short flight of stairsRead words which are on a short flight of stairs.

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We work

We work That is he should warn them from neobdusemolina acts Perhaps, we do not need to do it.

Look, to what it can lead.

Only this way.


Ulyanov That is it will irritate all.

Teenagers want changesm No, it should not intimidate them, and it is simple be the provident.


I want to take for an example concrete slutea.

We work with group of teenagers, and here that proiskho.

Many constantly are late for our meetings on minutes.

There is quite large number of children, which me on occupations, and it causes certain difficulties.

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Explain, why you so like

Explain, why you so like Therefore do not force the son or the daughter to address to your relatives and friends when it or it would not like it to do.

Looking at how the child awkwardly shifts from one foot to the other, looks to the earth and complains, when you in the presence of others ask it to sing a song or to read the poem, it is possible to guess easily that he thus feels.

Instead in advance and without superfluous witnesses take an interest at the child, whether it is adjusted on any performances.

Explain, why you so like its performances.

It is good, if your rush is not caused by that you simply want to brag to guests your child as any thin and expresses desire to share with others his talent and endowments rather.

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They very

They very Having carried out research among children testing from parents pressure of such, Eugene by Kennedy, the author of the book You would love me if knew me better, noted You could meet children, forces try to correspond to unrealistic expectations of the parents These children desperately need love.

They very much fight to deserve parental love, and at times simply become exhausted.

They are ready to be ready to do anythin if only to correspond to that ideal picture that parents drew for themselves them, but at them it never will turn out.

They will be never happy by itself.

Probably, they the most ordinary, average children, but their parents by all means wish, that they received the highest marks both always and everywhere took the first places.

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