It is now more

It is now more It is similar to mandalas manyreligious and secular symbols, such as sockets in gotichesky cathedrals, family coats of arms, national flags etc.

You should draw Own mandala, sootvetstvuyushchy to your values.

Art advantages nothave values.

It is now more important to generalize and present yourspurposes, values and interests.

Choose suitable forms andcolors also write down that is represented to you important, in vnutrenny cells .

Remember that in the mandala center to youit is necessary to place key value of your existence.

On mandala creation you have minutes.

In summary write under a mandala a mantra, that is three four words describing you or sense of your life,for example I it I, Belief, hope, love etc.

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While it is supported

While it is supportedHowever, it is familiarAnd how to be with creativityAbout creator further.

It is time to understand at last why child prodigies die away.

While it is supported by a complete Trinity , the feeling of harmony and a psychomotility the child prodigy stays on the roll developments of the mechanism of talent.

And what to this development promotesThe genotype gives to our child prodigy energy, psychomotor actions he also earns it.

Also can earn quite a lot.

The feeling of harmony marks tasks he tries to solve them.

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In The English

In The English In other words, the person to become excessively sensitive to rejection by his surrounding people.

From here desire to avoid people or the situations bearing in potential threat of any criticism to its appearance or behavior.

As a result, the person prefers to remain in the shadow, avoiding communication with people which can potentially draw too active attention to his person.

In The English dictionary Semyuel Johnson for the concept of shyness has a talk with the help of three words isolation, care, suspiciousness.

The majority of us to some extent have this a feeling.

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The inability

The inability We are much more lonely in an environment of people, rather than all alone.

The lucky person, Toro knew, who his best friend.

The loneliness sometimes it everything that is necessary for us to feel good.

But, as we discussed in the previous heads, timid people, unlike not timid, do not take out loneliness.

The inability to enjoy own society testifies to dependence on other people.

And dependence one of the main components of shyness.

Besides, if you do not like your society to whom it can be pleasantChange the relation to loneliness it becomes the first step on a way to pleasure by the own company.

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Thanks to all these

Thanks to all these Here for nine years we work with thousand people Americans and representatives of other cultures we carry out work with timid teenagers, their parents and teachers, we conduct supervision over behavior of school students of all age in a class, we carry out the researches based on the comparative analysis of constraining people and people, at all deprived of shyness.

Thanks to all these numerous researches we established not only consequences of pathological shyness, but also its reason, and also ways of its overcoming and prevention.

The purpose of it really the innovative research which has been carried out within the Project on studying of shyness which was organized by Stanford University, is studying of the reasons of manysided human shyness and uncertainty in.

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Read the words

Read the words You, probably, noticed that the step is lower, the word is longer.

With each step in words becomes more exactly on one letter.

Think up words which begin on R.

Zapishi's letter them on steps of the second short flight of stairs.

The first, the most top, should be trigram.

Each following word should be longer than the previous on one letter.

Read the words located on first and on the second short flight of stairs, find and emphasize letters.

Read all words once again correctly and quickly.

Estimate the work.

Draw mood.

Occupation Dopisyvaniyes of the terminationsBefore you phrases in which there are words with the passed terminations.

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Then there

Then there At once I start something to tell it the fairy tale any, she very much loves fairy tales.

And I begin a usual voice, and then I tell everything more silent and more silently, so, it was necessary to listen.

Then there is no time to argue to the fairy talemokhochetsya to listen.

To awaken curiosity.

Curiosity such strong line in the person that on it are bought both children are more younger, and children are more senior, and adults.

We with Mischa long walked in park, he was absolutely tired and wanted to eat.

And here by a row were on sale .

He began to ask, and I with meat never buy, dangerously after all.

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